I learned to read thanks to access to my older brothers’ box of comics. Once I could pick them out for myself at the newsstand (or spinner-rack), I was doing so. An early facility for drawing led the way to a career in graphic arts, with the occasional detour through events production on one level or another. Of course, I’ve also tinkered with making comics about those events of yore.

Carmine Infantino would let me unofficially come to extra SVA night classes when I started having pages published by indie publisher Double Edge Comics. I’ve since worked as senior designer for Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine where I created the long running comic series TIGER’S TALE. I’ve got illustrations in some books and on some album covers. I illustrated screenwriter John Fusco’s Picture Book LITTLE MONK AND THE MANTIS which was awarded Book of the Year Honor from the Gellett Burgess Center for Children’s Literature and the Preferred Choice Award from CREATIVE CHILD MAGAZINE. There is also a copy in the library of the Shaolin Temple Monastery in China. In 2020 I illustrated the middle-grade kindle chapter book LUCY VELOZ: HIGH-FLYING PRINCESS and in 2021 a short comic of mine was included in the YA anthology Speculative Fiction for Dreamers which Publisher’s Weekly called a knockout in their starred review – Yay.